Could you please send me the specs and photos for the noise reduction fence?

Please click on the below link to see pics and info including a video on the aesthetics and performance of the screens.

How many db can this noise reduction fence reduce? Will it be different from immediately outside the fence and 50ft away from it?

The screens reduced 28dB of noise in our laboratory test and did the same in our field studies.

Does the noise reduction fence need maintenance?

It is virtually maintenance free and should something get spilled on the screens a simple light pressure washing with mild detergent should take care of the problem.

Is the noise reduction fence hurricane approved? Do we need to do anything during hurricane season?

The screens are designed to sustain hurricane force winds up to 180mph we recommend checking with your structural engineer on the sustainability of your fence. We do recommend rolling them up or taking it down.

How long have you had the noise reduction fence?

We have been distributing this product for 4 months now but the Sport Sonic Guard has been around for more than 3 years and has been used in thousands of different applications where noise reduction was essential.

Do you have warranty for the noice reduction fence? How long usually the noise reduction fence last?

The Sonic Guard comes with a (1) year warranty. The screens should last 8 plus years and the noise reduction will continue for the life of the screens.

What is the price of the noise reduction fence?

The 6’ x 8’ panel is $550 and you will need approximately 60 panels for an average tennis court / 4 pickleball courts: (360’) so the cost would be $33,000 but we are offering 10% off for the next 30 days. Just use coupon NoNoise10 when purchasing.

How long will it take from order to get the product?

We can typically provide you with the screens within 35-40 days of placing the order.

Do you install the noise reduction fence?

Yes we offer installation services for $12 / lineal foot.

What color do you have for the noise reduction fence?

I have included a digital brochure that shows the available colors.

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